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Next Generation Electrical LLC is where your electrical needs meet expert solutions in Greenwood! As your main electrician in Greenwood, we take pride in delivering top-notch services to homeowners, businesses, and communities throughout the region.

With a commitment to excellence and a team of skilled professionals, we stand as the go-to source for all your electrical requirements. Whether you're seeking reliable installations, efficient maintenance, or prompt electrical repairs, Next Generation Electrical LLC is your trusted partner.

Contact us today at 715-937-0436 to discover how we illuminate Greenwood with unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication to electrical excellence!



24/7 Emergency Services Available!

Areas We Service

We're proud to offer our full range of services for the following areas:


Why Choose Next Generation Electrical LLC

Next Generation Electrical LLC understands that when it comes to electrical services, Greenwood residents have various options, but our commitment to excellence sets us apart. As the leading electrical company in the area, we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for residents seeking reliable, efficient, and professional services.

Our team brings a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring that your electrical needs are met with precision and care. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, transparent pricing, and a track record of delivering results that exceed expectations.

When you choose Next Generation Electrical LLC, you're choosing a partner that values your trust and prioritizes the seamless functioning of your electrical systems. Experience the difference when you work with the team from Next Generation Electrical LLC, your trusted source for unparalleled expertise and service excellence in Greenwood.

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Solar System Installation

Elevate your home or business with premium solar system installation when you choose us at Next Generation Electrical LLC. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch solar solutions that harness the power of renewable energy for your property. We understand the importance of sustainable practices, and our solar installations are designed to not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you money in the long run.

From meticulous planning to flawless execution, our experts ensure a seamless transition to solar power, tailored to meet the unique energy needs of your home or business. Embrace a greener future and make the switch to solar with Next Generation Electrical LLC - your trusted partner for premium solar system installation in Greenwood!


Solar Panel Installation

At Next Generation Electrical LLC, we specialize in efficient and reliable solar panel installation services. Our crew of experts is committed to harnessing the power of the sun for your home or business. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, our solar panel installations are designed to provide you with a clean and renewable energy source.

From the initial consultation to the final connection, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, tailored to your specific energy needs. Choose Next Generation Electrical LLC for expert solar panel installation, and take a significant step towards a greener and more cost-effective future in Greenwood.


Inverter Installation

We take pride in offering top-tier inverter installation services. Our experienced team ensures seamless integration of inverters to optimize your energy usage. Whether it's for your home or business, our commitment to precision and efficiency guarantees a reliable power solution. Trust Next Generation Electrical LLC for expert inverter installations, providing you with enhanced control over your electrical systems in Greenwood.


Commercial Solar Installation

Empower your Greenwood business with our expert commercial solar installation service at Next Generation Electrical LLC. We specialize in tailoring solar solutions to meet the unique energy needs of commercial establishments. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we ensure a seamless transition to sustainable and cost-effective solar power.

Choose Next Generation Electrical LLC for reliable and efficient commercial solar installation, and let us contribute to the success and sustainability of your Greenwood business.

Signs That You Need Your Solar Panel Repaired

If you've invested in solar panels for your home or business, it's essential to be aware of signs indicating the need for repairs. One clear indication is a noticeable drop in energy production. If your solar panels are underperforming or not generating as much power as before, it's time to consider repairs. Additionally, if you observe physical damage such as cracks, water infiltration, or loose wiring, prompt action is crucial.

Unusual noises, like buzzing or sparking sounds, can also signify potential issues that require attention. Monitoring your energy production and keeping an eye out for these signs will help you address any solar panel issues promptly, ensuring your system operates efficiently for years to come.

If you notice any of these indicators, contact our friendly team at 715-937-0436 to book a service and get started today!




Generator Installation

Power up your electrical project with Next Generation Electrical LLC's professional generator installation service. Whether you're safeguarding your home, ensuring business continuity, or preparing for events, our expert team of skilled technicians is ready to provide reliable generator solutions. We understand the importance of an uninterrupted power supply, and our meticulous installation ensures seamless integration into your electrical system.


Generator Repair

Our skilled team of technicians is ready to diagnose and address any issues affecting your generator's performance. We understand the importance of a reliable backup power source, and our commitment to quality ensures that your generator functions at its best. From routine maintenance to urgent repairs, we offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Complete Electrical Services

At Next Generation Electrical LLC, we take pride in being the go-to source for all things electrical in Greenwood. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from installations and repairs to maintenance and specialized projects.

Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner, or part of a community initiative, our expert team is equipped to meet your unique electrical needs. With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, we strive to provide complete electrical services that ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Choose Next Generation Electrical LLC as your trusted partner, and experience the convenience of having a single destination for all your electrical requirements in Greenwood.

Electrical Repairs

Whether you're facing issues with faulty wiring, malfunctioning fixtures, or other electrical components, our qualified technicians are ready to diagnose and resolve the issues efficiently. We understand the importance of a safe and functional electrical system, and our commitment to quality ensures that each and every electrical repair is carried out with precision.

Panel Upgrades

In need of panel upgrades? Look no further. At Next Generation Electrical LLC, we deliver efficient and reliable panel upgrades to meet the evolving electrical needs of your home or business. Our expert team ensures that your electrical panel is up to code, providing enhanced safety and efficiency. If you're expanding your property or modernizing your electrical system, trust us for seamless panel upgrades that guarantee optimal performance.

Electrical Wiring

Let the team from Next Generation Electrical LLC help streamline your next project with our expert electrical wiring services. Our skilled team ensures precision and efficiency in every wiring project. Whether you're renovating your home or managing a commercial buildout, we understand the critical role of well-executed electrical wiring. Count on us to deliver a seamless integration of wiring systems, meeting safety standards and optimizing functionality.

New Construction

Embark on your new construction project with confidence by counting on Next Generation Electrical LLC for all your electrical needs! Our expert crew specializes in handling electrical projects for new constructions. From the initial planning stages to the final execution, we ensure that your project is equipped with a robust and efficient electrical system. Trust us to seamlessly integrate lighting, wiring, and other essential components to meet the specific requirements of your construction endeavor.

Remodeling Installation

Our remodeling installation services are tailored to enhance the electrical infrastructure of your space. Whether you're revamping a residential property or renovating a commercial space, our skilled team is equipped to handle all aspects of remodeling installations.

Commercial Electrical

As a local business, Next Generation Electrical LLC takes pride in offering specialized commercial electrical services in Greenwood. Our expert team has an eye for detail, and we understand the unique needs of businesses in the community. When you're setting up a new commercial space or if you're upgrading your existing electrical infrastructure, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and reliability.


Electrical Repairs

Our skilled team is dedicated to providing prompt and efficient repairs to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business. Whether you're facing issues with wiring, fixtures, or any electrical component, we have the expertise to diagnose and resolve the issues effectively. Our commitment to quality and reliability makes us the preferred choice for business owners in Greenwood seeking professional electrical repair services.


Electrical Wiring

Does your business need expert electrical wiring services? Count on Next Generation Electrical LLC to handle all your wiring needs with precision and efficiency. Our skilled team specializes in providing reliable and tailored wiring solutions for businesses.


Panel Upgrades

Elevate your business's electrical capabilities with a panel upgrade from Next Generation Electrical LLC. Our skilled team of friendly pros specializes in providing efficient and reliable panel upgrades tailored to meet the evolving needs of your business. Trust us to seamlessly handle the process, from assessment to installation, and experience the benefits of an upgraded electrical panel for your business.


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Call us for electrical repairs if you notice flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers, or any burning smells near outlets. Additionally, if outlets or switches stop working, sparks or electrical arcs occur, or you observe warm or discolored outlets, it's crucial to seek professional assistance promptly.

Absolutely, at Next Generation Electrical LLC, we specialize in installing electrical systems for remodeling projects. Our expert team ensures a seamless integration of lighting, wiring, and fixtures tailored to meet the specific needs of your new remodel.

Investing in solar panels is a wise choice for several reasons. They offer a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source, reducing your carbon footprint, while also providing long-term savings on your energy bills as you generate your own clean and renewable power. Additionally, solar panels can increase the value of your property and contribute to a more sustainable future.

At Next Generation Electrical LLC, we offer a variety of generators tailored to meet diverse needs. From portable generators suitable for residential use to powerful standby generators designed for commercial applications, our range ensures that you have a reliable power solution customized to your specific requirements.


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